With the mission to serve every student, regardless of income, freshly prepared meals while at school, The Central Kitchen is committed to meeting our kids where they are. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and during times of distance learning, The Central Kitchen transitioned to preparing, sorting and executing curbside distribution allowing our students consistent access to food. Completing the kitchen build in 2020, The Central Kitchen aims to become fully staffed and serve nearly 30,000 meals a day when at capacity.

Central KitchenCaring for all students

Community Partners

An operation like the Central Kitchen could never happen without the work done by our outstanding community partners. Their partnerships with us are just a fraction of their continued work in their communities, and together, our work is strengthening the farm to every fork vision in Sacramento.

  1. Food Literacy Center
  2. Valley Vision
  3. Soil Born Farms
  4. No Kid Hungry

Central Kitchen Project Funding

This project is being funded by Measure R, which voters passed in 2012, to allow the district to improve the health and safety of the children that we serve.