Our farm to school program connects students to local food and to the farmers and producers who grow the nutritious and delicious foods in our school meal program.

Field of lettuce

Why Farm to School?

Research shows that farm to school works. It stimulates local and regional economies, it improves the health and nutrition of our students, and it creates widespread school and community benefits. It’s important to highlight our regional crops, and expose students to the agricultural commodities that surround the Sacramento region.


A field with a tractor in it

America’s Farm to Fork Capital

Nestled in the heart of one of the world’s richest agricultural economies, you don’t need to look far for fresh ingredients! Nutrition Services is committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients that support our local growers and our region.

We’ve seen considerable growth in our local procurement since 2015 when we were awarded the USDA Farm to School Grant to increase the number of local vegetables procured for our meal program. In just 18 months, our local sourcing increased by over 50%, offering the bounty of California agriculture to our SCUSD students.

Local Grower Map