We have a dynamic and dedicated team whose passions lie in sourcing and providing the highest quality foods to the students of SCUSD. Our administrative team consists of chefs, restaurateurs, nutritionists, and those with extensive food service management and distribution experience.

  1. Diana Flores

  2. Kelsey Nederveld

    Assistant Director
  3. Elesia Dixson

    Nutrition Program Manager II
  4. Tom Lucero

    Central Kitchen Manager I, Executive Chef
  5. Robert Aldama

    Procurement and Warehouse Manager I
  6. David Edgar

    Executive Chef, Trainer
  7. Rebecca Penland

    Personnel Supervisor II
  8. Shawn Rivera

    Central Kitchen Floor Supervisor
  9. Hurst Philpot

    Area Supervisor
  10. Mailinh Bui

    Area Supervisor
  11. Melissa Peacock

    Area Supervisor
  12. Eric Dela Cruz

    Area Supervisor
  13. David LoseĢ

    Area Supervisor
  14. Jason P. Holland

    Warehouse Supervisor
  15. Joyce Chin

    Program Technician II
  16. Tara Phillips

    Purchasing and Warehouse Specialist
  17. Kyrstie Neumann

    Nutrition Services Program Specialist
  18. Genie Espinoza

    Inventory Control Facilitator
  19. Naweed Ahmadi

    Computer Support Technician III
  20. Justin Wilbur

    Refrigeration Mechanic/Cafeteria Equipment Repair
  21. Gary Oshita

    Refrigeration Mechanic/Cafeteria Equipment Repair
  22. Nancy Ortiz

    Office Tech III
  23. April Sandoval

    Office Tech II