Through the Central Kitchen project, the Sacramento City Unified School District Nutrition Services Department is embarking on a path to forever change the role of food in the lives of the students we serve.

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Highland Orchard
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Locally Sourced

We offer a robust Farm to School program that provides high-quality, locally sourced ingredients from across the state of California, resulting in nutritious and sustainable food offerings, all while supporting our local growers.

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What’s Cookin’

This fall, we’ll be offering a variety of local produce, and scratch-made entrees to offer your children! Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will be offering curbside meal services via drive-through, or walk-up services. Children and families are encouraged to maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times and will be required to wear a face cloth covering while on school premises.

Children and families can expect to receive house-made chicken alfredo pasta, carnitas plates, bacon cheeseburgers, and chicken teriyaki with Hawaiian brown rice. Seasonal produce like nectarines, pears, plums and grapes will be offered with each meal.

During curbside meal pick up, children and families will also receive meals for the next day. Some of those entree items may need to be reheated. Heating instructions for entrees can be found on our Recipes page here

Remember, meals are available to all children, 0-18 years old. No paperwork, no enrollment necessary. Children do not need to be present to receive meals.

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Central Kitchen Entrance Digital Mockup
Central Kitchen EntranceDigital Mockup

The Central Kitchen Project

The Sacramento City Unified School District is launching its Central Kitchen Project, where food will be prepared locally and sent to schools. The project is being funded by Measure R which voters passed in 2012, to allow the district to improve the health and safety of children.

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