Every student, regardless of income, deserves a freshly prepared meal while at school.

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43,000 Meals Served Daily
8,000,000 Meals Served Per Year
SunFed Ranch
SunFed RanchWoodland, CA

Locally Sourced

The folks at SunFed Ranch say, “Our cattle are born and raised exclusively on American Family Ranches, creating jobs and opportunities in our local communities. And because we utilize progressive rotational grazing and regenerative agriculture, SunFed Ranch is beef that you — and the planet — can feel good about.”

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What’s Cookin'

This summer some of our students are gearing up for a culinary journey like no other at CK Culinary Camp! Designed for high school students, this immersive week-long camp (July 29 – August 2) offers a blend of cooking classes, culinary challenges, and an ultimate Iron Chef-style showdown. Teens will be paired with members of Central Kitchen culinary team to perfect their skills, explore new cuisines and compete for culinary glory! Learn more!

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Central Kitchen Entrance
Central Kitchen Entrance

The Central Kitchen Project

The Sacramento City Unified School District launched its Central Kitchen, where food will be prepared locally and sent to schools. The project is being funded by Measure R which voters passed in 2012, to allow the district to improve the health and safety of children.

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