Back to School and Staff Trainings

All Staff Training:

Monday or Tuesday, August 12th or 13th, 2024

Supervisors will be in contact over the summer to assign teams, dates and times.

One-day Mandatory Training: Enhancing Our Workplace Culture

The one-day training is designed to align with our team’s core values of kindness, collaboration, responsiveness and empathy. This session will help us strengthen a supportive and respectful work environment.

Highlights include:

Compassionate Dialogue: Learn effective communication techniques that foster empathy, understanding, and active listening.

Anti-Bias Practices: Understand and challenge implicit biases to promote fair decision-making and interactions.

Anti-Hate Practices: Address and prevent hate speech and behaviors, ensuring a discrimination-free workplace.

NOTE: If unable to complete EPOCH training during one of the two workshop days, you will be required to make up at a later date.